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Help us save Trecadwgan Farm for future generations.


Steps you can take to win the campaign:

Send a letter to Pembrokeshire County Council

Strengthen the campaign and give money to our operating costs

Help us raise the money to buy Trecadwgan Farm

Tell us what you'd like a community farm to do for the Solva area

Follow us on Social Media and spread the word

Join our action group and help with your time

Come to one of our events and talk to us

Send us a message of support

Write to Pembrokeshire County Council

Letters from local people are powerful and will really help! Please write to PCC to ask for their support in keeping Trecadwgan Farm for the community. 

You can use our sample letter for ideas, but the more personal your letter is, the stronger its impact will be. 

Please address your letter to: Ian Westley - Chief Executive Pembrokeshire County Council


Postal address: Ian Westley, County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP

Send a letter to the council
Make a seed loan

Make a Seed Loan

We aim to raise further funds with a minimum target of £500,000 before November 1st 2019 to put in a strong offer for the farm and buy it for the community.

Our goal is to raise some or all of this purchase capital through interest-free seed loans. Whilst a leading ethical bank is working with us, and can top up the amount if needed, it will benefit the project if we don´t have the additional pressure of paying interest.

If the farm is successfully secured, following purchase you will be offered the following options for your loan:

  • Repayment in full a year after the date of purchase

  • Convert some or all of it into shares in the farm

  • Convert some or all into a donation

In the event of not being able to negotiate a purchase all monies will be refunded in full.

If you are able to help us with a seed loan, please consider the Seed Loan Document below for full information and how to proceed.



Follow us on social media and spread the word

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Spread the word
Come to an event

Come to one of our events and meet us

Donate to the operating costs of the campaign


Tell us what you'd like a community farm to do for Solva

Please share your ideas, hopes and wishes for a community farm on the St. Davids peninsula.

You can send your suggestions anonymously, but we would appreciate to be able to get in touch with you if it would be good to talk further.

Thanks for speaking out!

Speak out
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